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TV Aerials in the Midst of Digital Technology

It can be seen that TV aerials have been evolving in their shape, size, design and technology. These changes with TV have allowed digital technology to emerge with digital aerials. It is not necessarily true that the existing aerials must be thrown away for the upcoming digital aerials; sometimes, it takes a bit of ingenuity to fix the existing TV to secure optimal signal broadcasting that comes now in digital form. There are many suitable components in the market which allow analogue aerials to secure clear picture on digital signals flowing more and more pronouncedly over the air waves such as Freeview digital.

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Impact of TV aerials

Current TV owners may be worried about many impacting factors of a switch to digital TV with the emerging digital signals and digital aerials but they do not need to worry as there are many helps and appropriate products available for the change letecké.

There may be specific criteria required to ensure good TV receptivity with digital signals for great reception. The existing aerial industries confederation, or more commonly known as CAI, has clear guidelines for existing analogue TV owners to make the change smoothly. Best practices are identified by CAI for easy adoption and implementation. TV with a balun or aerial cables with double screens have been benchmarked by CAI as necessary criteria for the smooth transition.

As the nation of UK goes about its call to upgrade to digital aerials by March 2012, many users and manufacturers are heeding that call. The official digital upgrade movement will impact London as well as the Greater London districts.


With such an important nationwide task and objective, CAI is totally committed to put in place its best TV aerials switching scheme known as the CAI benchmarking standard which allows existing TV to perform as they were manufactured after being thoroughly tested in approved laboratory conditions. CAI sets the standards on every aerial to be installed to ensure the same high quality and standard for every aerial owner. This standard assures homeowner of better performance and longer durability of the product that is worth their money.There would be plenty of sources for the right TV aerial recommendations.

Appropriate professional consultation can be obtained from well established and reputable aerials installers to ensure that homeowners get the best of TV and are not fooled by empty promises of digital signals or digital aerial concepts that cause them to part with more of their money.

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