Relief From Migraines: Pain Relief Methods and Techniques to Help Relieve Your Migraine Pain

Two of the most effective and immediate forms of relief from migraines are acupressure and massage. Both can be performed anywhere and by an individual on themselves in order to relieve their migraine pain.

Acupressure is the treatment of certain symptoms and ailments by using your fingers to apply pressure to specific pressure points on the body. It is a simple but highly 脈衝機推介 effective pain relief method which crucially you can use anytime and anywhere to relieve your migraine pain.

There are 4 main pressure points to consider:

  1. Top of the head.
  2. Between the shoulder and neck.
  3. Between the thumb and index finger.
  4. Between the big toe and second toe.

These 4 main pressure points should be massaged for a period of 3 to 5 minutes each for as long as it takes to reduce pain. You will soon work out which have the best effect on you and then once you have worked that out you will have a quick and effective way of relieving your migraine pain. For the best results use your index finger or if that is uncomfortable the best alternative is a rubber eraser.

Whilst acupressure concentrates on relieving the build up of tension at key points around the body which contribute to migraines, massage can be used as an effective technique in relieving the pain in the head at the exact points the migraine is affecting. It is not only a pain relief mechanism due to the soothing nature of massage, it increases blood circulation which is important in combating migraine pain.

The three most effective areas to massage are:

  1. The temples.
  2. Between the eyes
  3. Centre of the head

With each of these three massage techniques they can be done by you at any time with ease. That means that when you feel a migraine approaching you can employ these techniques with minimal fuss in order to get the pain to subside quickly and effectively before the migraine attack has a chance to fully take hold of you.

It is also a good idea to have regular massages by a professional who can reduce the build up of tension in the pressure points and massage spots that I have outlined. The severity of your migraines is directly correlated to the tension gathered at these points and so if you can regularly have these tensions relieved you will find that the migraine pain you experience can be significantly reduced.

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