The Low-End Smart Phone Has Huge Potential

The smart phone is very popular in this year, so many large factories, such as Qualcomm, Broadcom and Mediateck, lock their goal on the low-price smart phone. Practitioners maintain that the Qualcomm and Broadcom have extended their product-line to the low-end device. Mediateck has also released the 3G smart phone. The corporation, which can hold the market of low-end device, will be the winner in the new generation of 3G chip war. It is estimated that the demand of smart phone will be more than 400 million sets all over the world, including the iPhone. The 3G environment will be put into orbit in new emerging market, and the cell phone’s popularization rate will be higher, therefore, the new emerging market will have a new tide to change machine.

Best cheap smartphone for under £100 and £200 budget

At the present time, many large corporations focus on the Android platform. The low-price device will has the highest growth rate in this year. Apart from the 3G and 2G, Mediateck is in the leading place of XDSL, WiFi, Bluetooth and STB. Meanwhile, the Broadcom is ambitious in the entire wireless communication field in recent years. According to statement, Broadcom had three large merger and acquisitions in last year. It also declaimed the solution of Android dual sim dual standby smart phone in December of last year Realme X7 Max 5G.

Practitioners maintain that this chip has been sent to the client port test. It is estimated that the low-price smart phone with this cheap will be released in the first quarter of this year. This device will be showed in the mobile world congress in February of 2011. In consumption, manufacturers of the chips will attach much importance on the smart phone in this year; therefore, the competition in the chip market will be fierce. Control the low-price device market is becoming very important. The related integrated circuit is 23A256.

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