Probiotics and Digestive Health

rom the moment your pet takes a bite of food, the digestive progress begins. Yet this complex process of breaking down nutrients also plays a vital role in the body’s natural defense system.

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Every digestive system contains millions of bacteria. While some of the bacterium can be harmful, many actually help to support the healthy functions of the body. These organisms, called probiotics, help the immune system adapt to internal changes. Rom-com anime

Many people do not realize that within the digestive system is one of the most important and largest groups of immune cells – the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT) – which communicates with the immune cells located throughout the body. In some respects, the GALT is the first line of defense in the body.

Whereas most of the cells in our body receive nutrition from the blood, this is not true for the GALT – it receives the majority of its nutrients from probiotics.

Whenever you – or your companion animal – take a course of antibiotics, it kills all of the bacteria, regardless of its ultimate effect (healthy v. unhealthy). That’s why your doctor may recommend that you eat yogurt while taking antibiotics – to re-establish the healthy bacteria in the GI tract to avoid intestinal distress.

Probiotics are necessary to maintain the healthy ecology of intestinal microbes known as the “gut flora”. The types of bacteria contained in the gut differ from species to species, and animal to animal, but there are commonalities.

The community of bacteria in the intestinal system protects its host from invading unhealthy microorganisms in an effort called “colonization resistance”. This resistance appears effective at supporting intestinal health. Clinical trials on humans show very clearly that probiotics are useful in supporting a healthy digestive system.

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