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White and Black Dress Patterns

Black and White, these two opposite colors look stunning when clubbed together. A black and white outfit always makes classy and elegant appeal. Combination of these two colors is very tempting as it reeks sophistication. The best part of this combination is that it never goes out of fashion. Moreover, you can wear it anywhere, anytime to any type of party or outing. Another advantage is, any woman who wants to look slim, sleek and classy, a black and white dress will definitely work in her favor. A black and white dress is always stunning as you will feel absolutely best in a color combination that is so flattering.

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Another good thing is that this combi is available in wide range of designs. From fitted and contemporary to ultra modern designs, black and white combinations is always very stylish and attention grabbing. Have a look at some black and white patterns that are all the rage these days! swing dress

Zebra Prints:

Zebra print dresses are very hot and sexy choice, as most of the women are looking for these clothing to achieve a sexy look. These flaunt the attitude that you are willing to walk on wild side with confidence. A wide range of zebra print shoes and accessories are also available on many online stores these days. These designer wear are very elegantly designed to give wearer a glamorous look.

Polka Dots:

If you love polka dots, then a black and white polka dots dress will be a great addition to your closet. These lovely dresses will look amazing on you. Age is no bar for wearing a polka designer dress. These patterns are playful and totally fashionable and showcase incredible sense of style. Polka dot dresses look best when accented with jewelry, scarves, shoes and purses.

Stripes Pattern:

Striped clothes are always in fashion. Definitely a black base with white vertical strips will make you look tall and slim if you are short in height. Stripes can be vertical, horizontal, zigzag, or diagonal. Again, these strips may vary in thickness. Striped dresses, striped shirts and striped coats look awesome when worn as office wear. These strips flaunt self-confidence and elegance.

Floral Pattern:

Buds are showing up on almost everything from dresses to shoes, handbags, and accessories. And you don’t have to be a teenager to wear these playful patterns. Today, florals come in wide variety of age-friendly sizes, colors and prints. But, abstract floral designs of black and white are always hit. Sophistication is name of the game. Floral patterns in black and white look stunning and sophisticated. This contrast looks cool, sleek and super flattering comfortable choice.

Newspaper Print Pattern:

Newspaper print dresses recently emerged as a new trend in fashion world. For those, who want to look different from all, newspaper print dress makes a wise choice. These types of dresses provide wearer a unique look and style that’s attention grabbing. One has to be very careful while donning newspaper print dresses. These dresses demand soberness and hence, there’s no need to play with many colors all at once.

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