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Water Bed Sheets Can Be Found on Sale

When it comes to finding a sale on waterbed sheets, there is not a need to wait for the annual white sale. For those of you not familiar with the term, white sales have traditionally been held in mid winter. Retailers offer household linens at deep discounts in the hope of drawing in shoppers during the sales doldrums of the post holiday period. With a new year starting and the blooms of spring just months away, the psychology involved being ready for a fresh start.

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With the advent of online shopping, the white sale is now on year around. There is no end to the selection and value that can now be found online everyday of the year Pure Silk Bedding. Water bed sheets are no exception and can be found on sale at very competitive prices. Locating and purchasing quality sheet sets for your hard sided waterbed can be as easy as clicking your mouse. Just as with linen for a traditional bed, water bed sheets vary in price and quality.

Some basic rules of thumb can guide you toward finding sheets that are a good fit for your bed and your budget. The thread count of the sheets is a big determinant of quality and price. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality and the price. Thread count is measured by the number of threads per square inch.

For example, there is a tremendous difference in the feel of one hundred thread count cotton and three hundred thread count cotton. A two hundred thread count sheet could feel flimsy compared to a four hundred count sheet, which will feel much crisp.

Popular fabric choices for bed linens are one hundred percent cotton and cotton polyester blends. Alternative fabrics like bamboo and hemp are quickly gaining in popularity. Bamboo and hemp can be grown with good yields without the use of chemicals and the fabrics are surprisingly comfortable and durable.

Bamboo and hemp sheet fabric is usually blended with cotton and sometimes polyester. These alternative fabrics can last just as long perhaps longer than fabric produced from more traditional materials like cotton or polyester.

Even a good quality fabric can make for a poorly manufactured waterbed sheet. Stitching and proper sizing can affect how the sheet fits on your waterbed and how long it will last. If poorly sewn, even the best fabric will not last very long.

Waterbed sheets can be found in other fabric types such as flannel, percale and satin. Flannel is quite soft and warm, perfect for those chilly winter nights. Some folk confuse the term percale as being a blend of cotton and polyester. The term percale is actually used to describe the tightness of the weave with a thread count of two hundred being the minimum standard.

Satin is a very luxurious fabric that is made from pure silk. The weave is quite tight, giving satin sheets a very soft feel. There is one very important caveat to buying silk water bed sheets. There is simply no substitute for pure silk. Some sellers will offer sheets that may be called satin, but are actually made from silk blended with polyester. This may not matter to some shoppers but a reputable seller will make a distinction between pure, luxurious satin silk and silk blend.

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