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Average Price of a Night Out?

One arm, one leg and you’re first born. Average price of a steamy hot romantic night at home? Priceless. Or one hundred-eighteen dollars, plus shipping of course. How is that you ask? I have researched what it takes to have that great night at home with products that will actually last for more than one night. In today’s economy aren’t we all looking for a bargain? You could go out to a fancy restaurant, see a show and go home. To what, the same things that you do night after night?

Imagine if you will, having a home cooked romantic dinner, candles burning, music playing softly in the background, and there you are both dressed to the nines in the new found lingerie best bondage toys . For the lady of the house, I have found the every stylish ruffled mesh chemise with matching thong. And for him, the After Six Brief, why not? You know your man looks good, prove it to him by giving him something special. And I mean something better then the silky boxers with the hearts at Valentine’s Day.

Once you decide to retire to the bedroom, make sure to spray on some Silky Sheets. This is so easy you will wonder why you have never tried it before. All you need to do is select your fragrance, spray onto your ordinary cotton sheets and before you know it, it’s like sliding onto silk. Oh yeah, it’s even affordable. How can you beat that?

Now ladies, this is the perfect time to have some fun with your man. You know, do something completely unexpected. That is right, now is the time to slide him around that bed, into position and tie him up. Nowadays you can find a bondage kit that comes in a simple four pack for wrists and ankles all the way up to the “deluxe.” These often include the “cuffs” for ankles and wrists as well as a blindfold and sometimes a whip. Not that I am saying to beat him senseless, but a love tap or two in the right place may arouse him like never before.

For those men who believe that oral sex is “the be all end all” of sexual gratification, there is a new product available for those who give it. It is called Pure Ecstasy. All you need to do is pick your flavor, yes that is right; this is edible and very good. After you make your choice, simply rub it on, and lick or suck it off. The best for the both of you, as he gets the oral sex he wants, and you get a great flavor. And remember a lot of these types of products can be used as a lubricant, and most are available to be used on women. Turn about has always been fair play.

If you are looking for a totally different night, maybe beginning with a movie is something you want to try. If you have never watched a movie, carefully read all of the reviews, as they are not all created equal. Island Fever 2 was an AVN awards nominee for best all-sex movie. Yes, they do have awards show for these too. Many couples enjoy watching these together, wherein the audio and visual pleasure can be shared. As always, these are actors in a movie, trying anything at home is at your own risk. Have fun.

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