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Registering domain names should be done as soon as you have determined which domain name you want. There should be no hesitancy in regard to registering a domain. Your domain name should be a unique name which describes your website. When someone visits your website they insert your domain name to access it. If someone is conducting a general search online for different products or services which they want, they will enter keywords associated therein and search engines will provide them with the most popular results. These results will take the users to the different websites through their domain.

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There can be two names which are similar in every regard except for one character. If you have direct competition which sells cars, you can create a domain which starts with a “k” instead of a “c”. This allows for many domain name options but also creates confusion when the names start to get too long short business brands . This is still one of the best ways to differentiate between two companies and their names. One other way to differentiate between two different domains is to change the extension. The extension is the last part of a name, usually something such for commercial companies. However, if the name you want is not available with extension, you can search for alternative extensions such to create a new name.

Another way to differentiate between similar sounding domains is the extensions. Two websites could have the exact same name but one might as their extension while the other as theirs. Those which are associated with the government might have extensions Those whose websites service the education sector might end Other options for military, for non-profit organizations which work internationally. If these do not work, users who have work in a specific country can utilize country codes.

Once you find the appropriate extension, registering a domain is the only way to own that name with that specific extension. If you can create short and unique names for your company, clients will be more prone to remembering them at a later date. If you do not use a unique name and copy an existing name by simply inserting a hyphen in the middle, users will end up typing the wrong address and might be taken directly to the website of your biggest competition. Whether you select generic or unique names, personalised names, an integration of numbers into the middle of words, or any other combination of keywords, you need to be sure that registering domain names is a top priority.

The name that you choose for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. It’s also one of the first decisions that you will make, so it’s worth taking some time to get it right.

  • What do you want the name to say about you and your business? Think about the type of words you would want people to associate with you. That may be words like “health”, “enjoyment”, “vitality”, “energy”, “strength” – you get the idea. They can be descriptive words and action words, and you can use this list to start to formulate business names.
  • You can go with a made up name for your business, after all it doesn’t seem to have done Xerox or Kodak much harm! But if your business name does not give any indication of what you do, you may have to spend more time and money on advertising and branding to get the message across, which can get very expensive.
  • Also the name does not have to describe your business activity. Look at Apple and Virgin, you would never know from their names what they sell. But again, names like this will need more branding and advertising effort than “Sam’s Personal Training Studio”
  • Consider the long term. You may well work in Hackney right now, but what if you want to expand at a later date? Move? Then suddenly “Hackney Personal Training” isn’t very relevant and may stop new clients from other areas getting in touch. Don’t box yourself in too much to one location or product group.
  • Is your new business name unique, have you checked that the domain name is available? At a minimum you will want to buy the dot com and the dot co dot uk domains. You may also want to check that the name has not already been registered at Companies House if you are thinking about a limited company.
  • When you are naming your business you need people to remember the name and to be able to spell it! If no-one can type it correctly into a search engine, then no-one will find you. Check that the initials do not spell anything unexpected. “Muscles And Definition” may sound great, but is MAD the acronym you are after?
  • If you are thinking about an overseas market, check that the name does not mean something rude or inappropriate in a different language.
  • Once you have got a short list of names, canvas some opinion from friends and family. It is your decision at the end of the day, but take on board any criticisms they may make.

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