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On Selling Handmade Dolls

Dolls are probably the most favorite toys of girls. They have been around since the earliest centuries. In fact, ancient dolls dating as early as 2000 BCE were found in Egyptian tombs. Anyway, these old dolls are handmade; and they have been fashioned from various materials. Miniature dolls were made from stone, wood, clay, paper, cloth, plastic, rubber, china, wax, resin, ivory, leather, and porcelain らぶどーる . These days, you will still find handmade dolls in antique shops and several toy stores. In spite of the modern dolls being sold in the market, there are still people who appreciate handmade dolls. After all, nothing can beat the joys that these dolls have brought.

Selling handmade miniature toys can be a lucrative endeavor. You can sell to young children and show them how it feels like to play with handmade miniature toys. In this day and age, dolls are mostly virtual and made of synthetic materials. Children typically play with virtual dolls online. Here, they are only allowed to socialize with virtual playmates. Most young girls also prefer to play with Barbie or Bratz dolls. Hence, their ideas of dolls are limited to fashion. In addition, some of the materials for dolls are not safe. So, it is really better if they will play with handmade miniature dolls instead. These toys can even serve as educational tools since the children may be oriented on life during the old times.

Then again, handmade dolls are not only for little children. These toys can also be sold to collectors. Majority of toy collectors prefer handmade toys due to their authenticity and sentimental values. Ancient handmade toys, especially, are very expensive due to their rarity and antiqueness. You can also sell to people who want to give miniature toys as gifts, as well as to those who just want to display dolls as house décors. Dolls certainly add aesthetic value to homes. They can be displayed in the living room for the guests to admire or in the bedroom to serve as decoration.

Moreover, handmade dolls can be sold to dementia patients. According to a University of Newcastle study, these miniature toys have healing effects on people suffering from dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association also says that doll therapy is effective. The patients with dementia tend to be more focused and more active whenever they carry dolls. They also communicate and act better. Researchers claim that this happens because dolls remind patients of the times when they were caring for their own infants. Dolls help them recall memories of parenthood. So, if you sell dolls to these patients, you will be able to help them deal with their situation. They will also be sure that the dolls they carry around are made from safe and durable materials.

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