Games or games are things that are commonly played nowadays, especially by teenagers and school children. But did you know that brain damage due to game addiction can happen to a player? This is because someone who has played too much or too long has finally become addicted to the game.

Someone who is addicted to games is always thinking about how to play the game without ever thinking about doing other activities, even if they don’t play the game for one day then they will seem restless.

The game itself is divided into 2, namely online games and offline games. For now, online games are the ones that have the most fans judi domino 99 . Even games can affect a person’s life.

It is undeniable that playing games can indeed relieve fatigue. However, if it is done for too long then BRAIN DAMAGE DUE TO GAME ADDICTION may happen. Here are some online games that are currently popular, of course they have their own advantages and disadvantages, including pubg, mobile legend, and many more.

Not only in pure games, some gambling games such as poker, ball games or domino 99 gambling that we play excessively can also cause a lot of damage, either brain damage or psychological damage.

Even people who are addicted to games lose track of time and ignore those around them. Therefore, game addiction needs to be avoided.


The effects of game addiction are known as gaming disorder. And especially the brain changes experienced by a person who is addicted is very visible in other opiate disorders.

Let’s see how brain damage due to game addiction happen to its players. Based on Psychology Today, a study shows that a pathway in the forebrain, specifically the neurotransmitter that produces dopamine, becomes active when a person is playing video games.

Well, this reaction is the same as people who are using drugs such as heroin. Addicted to the game they experienced an increase in dopamine can be up to two times. Meanwhile, if in users who consume heroin, cocaine and amphetamines, the increase in dopamine itself can occur up to 10 times.

Game addiction even causes changes in various parts of the brain. Based on research from Medical News Today, research conducted by scientists collected the results of 116 scientific studies containing how video games can affect a person’s brain and behavior.

This finding itself turned out to be proven, the brain regions of gamers that were associated with attention increased when compared to those who of course did not play games. This is why we understand how and why brain damage due to game addiction happened.

Game addiction can increase the size of the part of the brain that is responsible for visuospatial skills, namely the ability to identify visual relationships in an object.

A study conducted also showed that someone who is addicted to games in the long term can experience enlargement of the hippocampus on the right side.


There’s nothing wrong with playing games just to unwind after a day of activities, but of course playing games can’t be justified if it’s too long. Now as we know that brain damage due to game addiction may happen to anyone, then limit playing games to a maximum of 1 hour 1 day to prevent addiction. Playing excessive games can damage the brain in both online and offline games.

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