Benefits of Temulawak for Beauty, Help Overcome Acne to Brighten Skin – Part 1

The benefits of ginger are not only good for the health of the body, but also efficacious for facial beauty. Temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) is a native Indonesian herbal plant that is often used to treat various health and beauty problems.

Temulawak is also a close relative of turmeric. Temulawak has been widely used as herbal medicine since our ancestors. To get the benefits of ginger for facial beauty, you can use it as a face mask.

You can feel the benefits of ginger when you use it regularly. Besides being used as a mask, you can also get the benefits of ginger from consuming ginger juice.

Here are the benefits of ginger for facial beauty which have been summarized from various sources.

1. Helps Overcome Acne
Acne is an inflammation of the face caused by a bacterial infection. The trigger factors are very diverse, ranging from hormonal factors, pollution, to less clean habits in caring for the face. For some people, the appearance of acne is very disturbing because in addition to causing pain, acne also spoils the appearance.

Well, to overcome the problem of acne on the face you can use ginger. The benefits of temulawak are believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect to relieve acne inflammation and make acne dry faster. Get the benefits of ginger for this face by doing facial treatments by making it a mask.

2. Smoothing Facial Skin
The next benefit of ginger for facial beauty is that it can smooth the face. You can use a ginger mask regularly to get a smooth and not rough face. Well, if your facial skin becomes smooth, it will look well-groomed and will also make the make-up used look more perfect.

3. Facial Skin Becomes Brighter
The benefits of ginger for the next facial beauty is that it can brighten the skin. Temulawak has properties to help remove dead skin cells on the face. The buildup of dead skin cells on the face is one of the causes of the skin becoming dull and dark.

To make your skin brighter, you can exfoliate your face regularly to remove dead skin cells. Well, you can use this ginger as an ingredient to exfoliate and enjoy the results of bright facial skin.

4. Disguise Dark Spots
Another benefit of ginger for facial beauty is that it can disguise black spots. Dark spots on the face are caused by sun exposure and free radicals, acne scars, and signs of aging. If left unchecked, the black spots can grow in number and will be more difficult to cover. Well, so that black spots don’t get worse, you can disguise them by using a mask on a regular basis. One of the masks that you can use is from ginger.

5. Moisturizing Skin
The benefits of ginger for facial beauty that are no less important is that it can maintain skin moisture. Having a face that is moist and not dry is one of the most desirable facial conditions for many people. Many factors can cause your facial skin to become dry, eyebrows are not moist. For example, often exposed to sunlight and dust that makes facial skin dry.

Well, to keep the condition of the facial skin so that it is always moist, you can use a ginger mask. How to make a mask from this ginger is to mix ginger powder with olive oil and egg yolks. Mix the three ingredients and apply on the facial skin regularly.