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Look Slimmer Just By Wearing The Right Shirt

What kind of apparel is worn most commonly by men? Did you think of “dress shirt? If you did, then your answer is spot-on! Designer shirts are not only men’s’ most common type of apparel, but also an all-time favorite. Be it business meetings, familial celebrations, hangouts or so, a dress shirt is an ideal choice for any given occasion.

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Furthermore, dress shirts are available in a diversity of designs such as tucked/untucked, formal, casual, and wide collar/narrow collar Comme des Garcons . So whether you’re a simple and formal person or a more stylish one, there’s an array of shirts to choose from.

However, due to the ever-increasing popularity of designer shirts, they have somewhat monotonous. Every other guy wears it and therefore, they appear less appealing and distinct. That being said, there are few ways of overcoming this problem such as wearing the right style of designer shirt. For example, if you wear the right shirt, you’ll be able to attract attention even when standing in the midst of several other men (wearing designer shirts).

So that brings us to the all-important question: What should I do to look more unique and attractive? Follow these tips when shopping for your next designer shirt.

Choose the Right Style
In today’s day and age, the importance of style and fashion cannot be denied. Dress shirts without style and appeal are as good as the duster in your house. It won’t attract anyone’s attention. On the contrary, it will make you look more like a fuddy-duddy bloke (the last thing you want). That being said, a great way of adding style to your appearance is by wearing an untucked designer shirt.

These shirts have picked up popularity in recent times. One thing that makes this shirt so appealing and unique is the “untucked” aspect. Walking around with your shirt hanging out, really gives a modern and stylish look. Moreover, these dressshirts have been designed in such a way that it gives a combination of both styles, i.e. formal and causal. So whether you have to go to college or a party, untucked shirts are an ideal choice.

Get The Right Fit
Another important aspect that contributes greatly towards giving you a scintillating look is the “fit” of the designer shirt. Now there’s a lot of complicacy regarding which fit is the best. The answer to this question varies greatly according to several factors such size, shape, etc. Generally speaking, it’s good to opt for a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose, just in between. This ensures maximum comfort and style.

One common misconception that fat men tend to have is that the baggier the shirt, the better you will look. This is completely preposterous and the definite recipe for a shabby appearance. Baggy clothes may succeed in concealing your bulging body parts, but not your overall size. On the contrary, the extra looseness of the shirt will give an illusion of an even bigger body. Therefore, it’s necessary to wear a slim fit dress shirt so as to look slim and smart.

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Christian Online Dating Sites: Are You Looking For A Christian Partner?

Christian online dating sites offer a valuable service to single Christian people who are looking for a partner. While they provide the same sort of user experience as generic dating websites, including the ability to search singles, chat and exchange messages, and in some cases video chat over a webcam, their membership is exclusively limited to Christians speed dating.

Most sites are for Christians of any type, however there are some sites that are even more specific, such as Catholic Mingle. You can search within the singles on the broader Christian online dating sites if you specifically want to meet someone of the exact same denomination as you. You can also search on certain other factors that are important to you, such as ethnic background, level of education, location, and hobbies and interests outside of the church 交友app推薦.

While on typical generic dating sites you get people looking for all sorts of different relationships, from casual dating and friendship to marriage, the Christian sites tend to be geared more towards finding someone you can have a lasting relationship in, potentially resulting in marriage, because this is more inline with Christian beliefs 香港交友網.

Christian online dating sites can grow to huge memberships, so you can certainly find people on them who are reasonably local to you, and you can also describe yourself very fully in your profile. This is important because obviously not all Christians have the same expectations in a Christian partner. You may want someone who is very devout and reads the Bible every day, because that is what you do, or you may just want someone who shares your faith but who doesn’t necessarily go to church every week. As with any other dating services, the key to success on Christian online dating sites is to be honest about yourself and what you are looking for.

Some of the popular Christian online dating sites are free to join, and others charge a membership fee. Some free Christian dating sites include Christian Free Dating, Real Christian Singles, and Christian Passions. Some paid membership sites for Christian singles include Big Church, Christian Mingle and Christian Cupid.

As well as specific Christian online dating sites, some of the general online dating sites offer certain areas for Christians, such as eHarmony, and just about all of them will let you search singles based on religion, so you could also try joining some of these and limiting your searches to other Christian singles only.

Just like with any other dating site, you need to exercise some caution when using Christian online dating sites. The vast majority of people on there will be genuine Christian singles simply looking for companionship, but of course the sites can only vet people so much so if you arrange to meet somebody you have come into contact with through these types of site make sure you meet them in a public place and tell somebody else that you are going. If you make sure you are safe then there is no reason why you can’t have a great experience meeting people through these types of sites.

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Online Dating Precautions: What You Need To Know Before Joining Any Dating Site

There are so many positive things about online dating that people are informed of every single day from advertisements on the internet, in the newspaper, and on commercials 香港交友網. It is important for people to also know the negatives of dating websites. As with anything that can benefit you, internet dating can also have the opposite effect on you and it may just be luck that determines whether a person will have a successful or unsuccessful experience with online dating services.

Let’s start with the profile. The most important part is a user’s profile 匿名聊天香港. The profile is what tells other people about whom you are and it is what the online dating services use to attempt to match you with people that their system determines are compatible for you. Lying on a dating profile is very common and leads to many relationships being started off on lies. Even if they are just small lies or exaggerations, they can be enough to end a relationship once the truth is found out.

In some cases, the lies can be far more serious. In Japan, over 800 crimes have been committed in the last six months through the use of internet dating services speed dating 價錢. A teenage girl was murdered and the police are struggling to find the murderer because online dating services allow anyone to join and can provide any information that they choose to. Japan is even considering making a law to help minimize the crimes that results from lies on online dating websites.

You can only find out so much about a person online. In 2005, it was estimated that more than twenty percent of online daters were married. That number has dropped down since then because of the millions of new users that have joined but there are still thousands and thousands of married people using online dating websites and it can be impossible for people to tell.

Knowing very little about someone makes it difficult to introduce them to your family and life-long friends. The people who are closest to you will not be able to offer much support or advice for your relationship that started on a dating website because if you do not know much about the person you are dating, your close friends and relatives will know even less.

One last negative of dating via the internet is that it can get expensive. Most website offer some sort of free trial when you sign up but eventually you have to start paying unless you want to leave the site and most people decide to pay instead of leaving. If you are like many online daters and use several different websites and services than you could be spending more than one hundred dollars per month just to be a member of a dating website.

Nearly one billion dollars in revenue is generated every year in the United States alone from online dating services and that money is all coming from the user’s pockets. This article is not intended to scare anyone away from online dating, merely just to inform potential users of the negatives to online dating services.

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The Art Of The Short Story

The short story is the perfect form for the Age of the Short Attention Span. If you’re thinking of writing a short story yourself, keep this in mind (before you move on and start thinking about something else): Keep it short.

A short story running amok will before long turn into a novel, something nobody wants to read unless it has plenty of sex and violence — which is beyond the scope of this essay.

Before you sit down to write your short story, sharpen one pencil – just one – and when it wears down and will no longer write, you’re finished. If you run out of paper before that – even better literotica. The best thing, without a doubt, would be for the pencil point to break, so that you can’t write any more.

Always keep in mind: Brevity is the soul of wit. (This piece of advice, ironically, was written by Shakespeare, who went on and on in hundreds of plays and sonnets but never wrote a single short story.)

Now that you’re prepared to keep things SHORT, you can choose a subject for your story. With blessed brevity in mind, zero in on a subject that would lend itself to the form. The Napoleonic Wars? – no. How about – an orange? An orange in a bowl. No, an orange lying on a table.

How did the orange get on the table? Maybe someone took it out of the bowl and put it there. Why? Maybe so that someone could easily reach it. Maybe someone – some kind-hearted person – took the orange out of the bowl that it was in so that someone else – maybe a dwarf – could reach it. Maybe a Russian dwarf. And maybe the kind-hearted person – who could be a tattooed lady with a lisp, for instance – is in love with the dwarf.

Sex and violence, no, but romance and colorful characters – by all means.

Okay, assuming the lead has not run out on your pencil, you’ll want to come up with a compelling ending, something to leave people laughing or weeping or thinking. “The tattooed lady and the dwarf lived happily ever after” has been done before and is a cop-out anyway, but on the other hand you don’t want to be TOO colorful and end up jarring the reader’s sensibilities with something like “Griselda the Fat Lady, who had loved the dwarf in secret for years, covered Lavinia’s mouth with one enormous paw as she slept.”

How about: “Lavinia carefully placed the orange and her paramour, Sergei, in the trunk, and, summoning the porter, she left the hotel.” This is an ending suitably conclusive yet tinged with mystery.

To sum up, story length, subject matter, and an ending are three of the most important elements to keep in mind when writing a short story. There’s another element, however, more important than all the others. I’d tell you what it is, but my pencil point’s about to run out.

I’m a writer living near Nashville, and maybe the only one within a 50-mile radius who’s never written a song. Writing fiction is my preference, but journalism provides my daily bread. I’m from the Clark Kent school of journalism — I never carry a pad to take notes, but rely on my super-memory. Actually, in my stories I make up quotes, making people sound more interesting and well-spoken than they are, so they never object. You know how Truman Capote (“In Cold Blood”) gave birth to the “non-fiction novel?” I’m working on popularizing the “fictional news” story.

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Essential iPhone Apps For Graphic Designers

iPhone apps are a huge extension to the workflow of every professional designer 交友平台. I’ve compiled a collection of the most useful iPhone apps for graphic designers that I’ve come across. Each contributes and offers an exclusive skill to assist you on your journey through designing.

RulerPlus: RulerPlus is a simple application for your iPhone providing you with a simple 7 cm / 2 inch ruler. It not only let’s you take measurements swiftly but also allows you to extend the ruler. Simply move your iPhone to the right and press ‘+’ to create the extended ruler 正經交友app. It supports centimetres, millimetres and inches.

Dexigner for iphone: This application allows you to view the latest news, events, exhibitions, conferences, and competitions having to do with anything regarding design. Stay up-to-date with winning ideas at design events and competitions. You do not need to download any software; all you need to do is navigate the developer’s site through your iPhone.

Palettes: Palettes is a productivity tool that allows you to create color schemes. You may create any number of palettes. You can sample palettes from images, web sites and photo album stored on your phone 識女朋友. Import/export color pallets to Photoshop. With palletes you’ll be able to replicate any colors you find appealing, while viewing a picture, a webpage or anything else.

ZeptoPad: ZeptoPad changes as you add your ideas: sketch; design; plan: use you finger as a pencil to scribble on the iPhone screen or type text from the virtual keypad. You can drag and move text or picture elements at any time, cut, paste, and resize. You can send a worksheet to another ZeptoPad user directly.

iPhlickr: iPhlickr is excellent to instantly browse the Flickr archive. All you have to do is go to the iPhlickr website on your iPhone and begin to browse through photo albums and graphics on the Flickr site. You can access your profile and search Flickr users too.

Color Expert: Color Expert contains powerful tools to help artists and designers identify, translate, capture and showcase color. Artists know inspiration can come anywhere at anytime. Some of the best ideas are waiting away from the studio. With Color Expert, you’ll have the tools to seize the moment, the moment a color captures you.

iBlueSky: Use the iBlueSky to map your thoughts while the creative juices flow. Create and organize ideas, thoughts, and suggestions you have at odd moments, email the them in PDF and PNG formats to anyone. You can even print a hard copy of your work from the PDF file.

OmniFocus: OmniFocus, is a standalone application or a conjuncture app that syncs to your Mac. When you set due dates for your latest projects, or a reminder that you need to submit your artwork soon, If you’re using it in conjunction with the Mac app you can also send yourself todo’s, notes, or quick memos through email and it automatically adds them to your OmniFocus inbox.

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Become a Massage Therapist: What You Need to Know

Congratulations on deciding to learn how to become a massage therapist. A career in massage therapy can be very rewarding and lucrative. You will be working with clients providing a service that is very personal in nature. Continue reading to learn about what you can expect on your journey towards becoming a massage therapist.

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Before you begin, let’s first tackle the job description. It’s a good idea to know exactly what makes someone a massage therapist. A massage therapist is a medical professional that treats clients by using touch 출장. The therapy provided by these professionals helps to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. People come to seek out the services of massage therapists for a number of reasons. Some people are in need of help in healing from an injury. Other people simply need to get a massage to help relax and relieve stress. As a massage therapist, you will be responsible for communicating with your client. Providing guidance to your client on ways to improve posture and stretching will go a long way towards building a rapport. The better your reputation, the more clients you will have, which will eventually translate into more money earned.

Massage therapy is a career that is regulated by states in the US. In order to become a licensed massage therapist, you will need to check with your respective state for specific requirements. As a general rule of thumb, you will need to complete a postsecondary education program. To be eligible for the either the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage (NCETM) or the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCETMB) certifications, you will need to receive a minimum of 500 hours of instruction and graduate from a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) school. The board also offers those persons who live in a state that uses the NCBTMB exams but do not require certification for licensure an option to take the same exams.

As a therapist, you can choose to specialize in various types of massage, called modalities. Some of the more commonly known types of massage are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and reflexology massage. Each of these modalities requires specialized training. As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to specialize in more than one type of massage. Doing so will open up opportunities for you to practice and offer your services. By learning different types of massage, you can also learn what type you gravitate towards and get the most joy out of providing.

Once you become a masseuse, you will quickly discover that there are many places in which you can work. You can choose to work in a doctor’s office, at a spa, on a cruise ship or, even for an athletic organization. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the option to open up your own practice and become self-employed. More than half of the massage therapists in the US were self-employed in 2010. Many therapists work part-time and by appointments. A result of working based on appointments is that your hours worked can vary somewhat. Because the job can be somewhat demanding on the body, it is important to schedule time to receive care and allow it to recover and heal.

In order to become a masseuse, you will need to consider a number of factors. You must first start with understanding what it is to become a massage therapist. Then, you need to decide where you would like to go to school to get your formal training, where you will need to receive at least 500 hours of instruction. Depending upon the requirements of your state, you may or may not require certification to be licensed. Should you need to obtain certification, you can visit the NCBTMB for additional information. During your training, you should try to specialize in more than one form of massage. The different types of massage are called modalities. When you are ready to look for employment, you will have many different environments in which to choose from, whether you choose to work for someone else, or go into business for yourself. Make sure you check out some of the other articles on this site, to learn more about how to become a massage therapist.

In addition, you can find more helpful information about massage therapy [] at [] Become a Massage Therapist is a site dedicated to helping you begin and advance your career as a massage therapist. Learn more about how to become a massage therapist today!

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High Quality Truck Tarps Protect Your Deliveries

Truck tarps offer a great solution when it comes to protecting your business assets. Manufactured in accordance to your specific requirements, high quality tarps come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes to fit your trucks and can be printed to match your brand personality. Commercial or industrial trucks are constantly exposed to the environment, including harsh sunlight, heavy rains and strong winds. Without sufficient tarp cover, your loads are also at risk when exposed to the conditions while hauling loads to and from loading areas, dump sites and clients.

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Truck Tarps for All Types of Trucks

Initially, all tarps were designed in a few simple sizes and shapes, but today you can find feature-rich tarps in a range of shapes and designs. You can even find custom tarp manufacturers who can create the perfect tarp for your requirements, whether you need a tarp to protect your dump truck load of gravel, asphalt, sediment, rocks, dirt or sand during transportation.

Truck tarps also include tarps for long-haul transportation of food products, household goods, stored contents and any other type of load tarpaulin sheet.

Customisable Truck Tarp Systems

A truck tarp system includes more than just the tarp. When you buy a tarp system, it includes a range of features to make the covering and uncovering of your haul easier. A tarp system includes velcro or d-rings as a standard, but also rolling components, sliding cables and moving arms that help you easily unroll the cover. Some systems are automatic, while you may also opt for a manual system that helps you unroll it from ground-level.

Your tarp can be customised to suit your unique business needs. Optional handle retainers are generally made of composite nylon which can withstand extreme weather conditions without breaking or cracking. Lightweight aluminum roll tubes, quick-release tarp tension brackets and bungee cords are some of the other optional customisations that will add even more convenience to your tarp.

Quality Truck Tarp Materials

Truck tarps are designed to high manufacturing standards, using reliable materials including impermeable vinyl, mesh or PVC. Manufacturers understand the importance of a rip-stop, waterproof material for your tarp and that’s why they use the best materials that result in high-quality, durable tarps that deliver on their promise. A quality tarp is an asset to your business.

When delivering a load to your clients, it has to be dry and in the same quality condition in which it was ordered. The tarp has two main functions, namely storing and protecting your loads from rain, sun and strong winds. That means that a tarp keeps your cargo dry and it prevents contamination and product runoff. It is essential to select the best company from which to buy your tarp. A reputable company will use only the best materials, and have a good name in the industry and many happy customers. Speak to other business owners about their experiences with tarps and manufacturers, as they will be in the best position to point you to the best custom tarp manufacturing company.

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Ex-Offenders Use LinkUp To Find Hidden Jobs Fast!

Are you an ex-offender looking to find more job leads with less competition? If so, consider looking for hidden jobs. Hidden jobs are those jobs that haven’t been published, are not in circulation, and in some instances have not even been created. They include jobs that companies are considering hiring for within the next month or so. How do these jobs come about? They often become available because someone quits, decides to retire, or gets fired. These types of openings are the truest reflection of the hidden job market.

IT careers: 10 most in-demand IT jobs now | The Enterprisers Project

The main issue with hidden jobs is that they are often difficult to uncover pak army jobs. They are never listed in traditional newspapers or online job sites, and there are generally fewer applicants applying for these jobs than there are for advertised positions. Contacting the hiring manager, that you will be reporting to, provides you with the opportunity to get ahead of your competition by applying for the position first.

Many of these jobs can only be found on individual company websites. Searching each company website for open positions can be very time consuming. Rather than searching individual company websites you may want to consider using a job search engine like LinkUp that pulls jobs from individual company websites and puts them in one central location for you to search for open positions. It is an excellent resource for both employers and job seekers alike.

Many people are not aware that LinkUp is simply, the fastest-growing job search engine on the web and is considered to be a unique find compared to other job websites. Their search engine indexes over 24,000 company websites and updates job listings every evening. The jobs on their website are always updated, do not contain duplicate listings, and do not include job scams or other types of misleading jobs. This creates a win-win solution for everyone. Employers get serious applicants to visit their websites and apply for open positions, and job seekers get access to high quality and unique job listings that are not available elsewhere.

You will find that LinkUp is very easy to use and features a number of useful tools, one of them is an RSS job tracker that provides automatic updates via a real simple syndication reader. Then there is the job cloud that features frequently searched terms and a widget that allows you to search directly from a website or blog. They also provide a number of different search strategies from which to choose.

When a job seeker clicks on any job on LinkUp, they are directed to that exact job located on the hiring company’s website where they can apply directly within the hiring company’s applicant tracking system. No other job search engine on the internet can guarantee this type of direct connection between the job listing and the hiring company for 100% of its job listings. Employers are also continually adding new positions on their websites that are then pulled into the LinkUp database on a daily basis.

As an ex-offender, you now have the opportunity to level the playing field in your job search and get hired quickly by using LinkUp. I encourage you to visit their website often to view new listings as they are posted. Let me re-emphasize a few points, you will find that the vast majority of these job listings are not published “anywhere” else, so searching LinkUp really does give you a distinct advantage over other applicants, so visit their website often if you want to land your next job quickly. Get started now!

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Incorporating Google Apps for Business

If you own a small or large enterprise, perhaps you may want to incorporate the use of useful Google Applications. Some of the apps are so popular considering the fact that they help to boost the image and eventually add value to your businesses 網上交友平台. Not many people use them because they are not familiar with its integration into their business. It would be prudent that you first get to understand the way Google Apps work and how they can help expand your business. Once you grasp the idea on how they can be incorporated then will you appreciate their value.

In a nutshell, Google Apps constitute one of the services that are offered by the most preferred search engine-Google. There are other apps from Google that can be used in a number of ways in order to enhance business. Most of them are located in the virtual cloud database 香港交友平台. The “Cloud” is the latest buzz word that is yet to gain publicity among many people. Large online data storage that can be accessed by many computers is what is referred to as the ‘cloud’. You can only access the database if you are registered. Of course you must be able to log in using your personal password.

The fact that you can only gain access to the data store through your password ensures that no one else except you can tamper with your files and valuable information in your online folders. This feature ensures the safety of your personal information plus those of your enterprise . The cloud feature has since been in use by Google but is being released to a wider online audience worldwide presently.

Majority of Google Apps mimic many of the programs which you may be using in your personal computer. The only unique feature would be in the cloud innovation 識女仔地方. The feature allows access by a myriad of users into the data base, execute updates and add their own content. The facility allows for increased efficiency and productivity of your company staff as well as everyone in your organisation.

Majority of the Apps bear close similarity to what you see on MS Office document. Google Docs for instance, is one program that operates in similarity with MS word processor. What makes it different is the fact that multiple people can make adjustment to one document at the same time. This would be possible if they have authorized passwords to allow them access to the document.

Another popular application is the Google Calendar which can be used by companies to indicate scheduled meetings. Ship docking dates, scheduled flight arrivals and many more can be incorporated on the Calendar so as to keep everybody updated. Other popular apps which have become synonymous with Gmail account holders include the Google Talk feature which allows you to work from any location.

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Tips to Avoid Contractor Scams

You might think you have to live in Florida, California or a state where natural weather disasters or wildfires create a cycle of home rebuilding to be targeted by contractor scams. But in fact, anyone who owns a home is at risk for falling victim to unscrupulous contractors. It only takes one bad experience to sour a homeowner, and this is unfortunate for the majority of contractors who take pride in their work and do a good job. To avoid experiencing what can end up being a home repair nightmare, all you need to do is be aware of some common scams and don’t be afraid to ask questions, require references, make the effort to check those references, never sign anything that looks suspicious or without reading thoroughly and never agree to anything in haste.

Living Near Chicago With Mold, Fire or Water Damage? - Mom and More

In the springtime everything starts to gear up again. Many potential buyers are shopping for a new home and there are real estate agents hosting open houses flooded basement Chicago. There is new grass, leaves, flower buds, families barbequing and shady contractors cruising the neighborhoods looking for an easy mark. Unfortunately, a sad fact is that older home owners are often targeted the most, but really anyone can be duped by a convincing pitch.

One of the most frequently used lines is that the contractor was in the neighborhood doing work and just happened to drive by and see something wrong with your home. Being the kind-hearted person that he is, he took time off from his busy schedule and wanted to stop and alert you to the problem you have. And even more convenient for you, he and his crew can work you in while they are in the area. Most legitimate builders and contractors do not go door to door like salesmen. Be wary of anyone showing up unscheduled and offering to do work right away with the pitch that they’ll cut you a deal because they are already doing a project close by.

The most often used pitch for this scenario is roof repair. Dishonest contractors may tell a homeowner that their roof is in bad shape, not visible to the naked or untrained eye, and by hiring them to replace it now you’ll save money in the long run by avoiding water damage from leakage. This is often perpetrated on older residents who cannot keep a watchful on the repair work actually being done. The homeowner will usually end up with substandard roofing materials or shingles that are a lower grade than the ones you originally had on the roof.

Getting your driveway repaved is another common scam. Even if someone two houses down from you just had it done and it looks fantastic, don’t assume the guy who shows up at your door offering to do yours is the one who did the other. Most of the time it isn’t the same contractor, but another one shadowing the reputable one. This other guy will do a sub par job and you’ll be left with cracks in both your bank account and driveway.

Any contractor who approaches you suggesting that with your help they can do repairs for you for free by turning it into your insurance company isn’t doing you any favors. What they are doing is making you a partner in crime by having you commit insurance fraud if there isn’t any real basis for the claim. And don’t think the insurance company won’t prosecute, because they will.

Never, ever agree to pay cash, especially up front. You may be tempted by a big discount offered for a cash payment or advance, but those savings and your money will be as gone as the contractor who just left to go get supplies and will supposedly be back tomorrow.