Effective Ways to Prevent Diarrhea

The following are some effective ways to prevent diarrhea that you can apply in your daily life:
– Wash hands with soap, especially after defecating, after playing, before preparing food, and before eating.
– Maintain cleanliness in the surrounding environment, including clean water and waste management.
– Eat more cooked fruit or vegetables.
– Avoid consuming raw meat.
– Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners such as sweeteners in chewing gum and sugar substitutes.
– Avoid drinking tap water or ice that is not guaranteed clean.

By routinely implementing a clean and healthy lifestyle as above, it is hoped that you will avoid diarrhea that can interfere with your activities.

If you have diarrhea that doesn’t go away within 2 days, especially if it’s accompanied by fever and signs of dehydration, it’s advisable to go to the doctor for appropriate treatment.