Diarrhea Medicine and Instructions for use

Diarrhea medicine is needed to treat diarrhea that gets worse quickly or doesn’t go away after a few days. Before consumption, it is important to understand the instructions for using diarrhea medicine so that the medicine can work optimally.

Diarrhea can be caused by viruses, bacteria, lactose intolerance, certain medical conditions, or as a side effect of medications or surgery. Generally this condition lasts for 2-3 days.

However, if the diarrhea does not go away, you will need to take diarrhea medication to prevent complications, such as dehydration. The use of diarrhea medicine must also be adjusted to the cause of diarrhea.

The following are some choices of diarrhea medications that are commonly prescribed by doctors and their instructions for use:

1. ORS
ORS is a liquid diarrhea medicine consisting of a mixture of water, sugar, and salt. This drug serves to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. During diarrhea, the … Read the rest

Effective Ways to Prevent Diarrhea

The following are some effective ways to prevent diarrhea that you can apply in your daily life:
– Wash hands with soap, especially after defecating, after playing, before preparing food, and before eating.
– Maintain cleanliness in the surrounding environment, including clean water and waste management.
– Eat more cooked fruit or vegetables.
– Avoid consuming raw meat.
– Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners such as sweeteners in chewing gum and sugar substitutes.
– Avoid drinking tap water or ice that is not guaranteed clean.

By routinely implementing a clean and healthy lifestyle as above, it is hoped that you will avoid diarrhea that can interfere with your activities.

If you have diarrhea that doesn’t go away within 2 days, especially if it’s accompanied by fever and signs of dehydration, it’s advisable to go to the doctor for appropriate treatment.… Read the rest