Tips for Choosing and Wearing Sunglasses

Choosing sunglasses is not just for style. You should also consider the type and effectiveness in protecting your eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses can be said to be good if they are able to block 100% of UV radiation.

Choose sunglasses with dark colored lenses with even lens darkness. However, you need to remember that dark colored lenses are not a guarantee that these glasses are effective against harmful UV rays.

In addition, choose large sunglasses. The bigger the better, because it can prevent UV rays from entering the eye from the side.

From the type of lens, there are several types of sunglasses that you can choose and adjust to your needs, including:
– Glasses with polarizing lenses
– Polycarbonate lenses
– Glasses with lenses that block blue light from electronics
– Photochromic lenses
– Glasses with gradient lenses

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